The Gold Assist program is an initiative undertaken by the Old Boys Association of D S Senanayake College (Black and Gold of Victoria) to promote friendship and harmony among its members and their families. In addition it will continue to support the developmental projects of its alma mater in a meaningful manner.
Black and Gold of Victoria Foundation has been recently established to raise funds for gifted but disadvantaged school children in Sri Lanka through a well-managed scholarship program.


1. Provide scholarships for vocational training to old boys of DSSC who haven’t achieve academic excellence with a view to creating an egalitarian brotherhood of past students
2. Assist past teachers with their medical expenses
3. Assist past/present students with cancer and other illnesses where they require a large sum of money
4. Create awareness of the past students in Victoria, Australia and the rest of the world
5. Create a regular communications to members of the OBA in Victoria